Imagine the thrill of holding a coin or artefact that you are the first to touch since it was lost hundreds, or possibly thousands of years ago! Our website has everything needed to bring you closer to that experience, from reference books and advice, to the actual tools required. We use these items ourselves, and if you need more help or information, call us. We love to talk detecting!

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Every so often we like to do a little something really nice for you! It might be a special offer, or a bundled set of goodies we think you can't live without or something we found in a box in a cupboard that we don't need any more. You'll find it here!

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Coils and Covers
A brand-new, unused and boxed SEF coil for the Fisher F2. Box has become a little tatty, but the coi...
XP Metal Detectors
A Technological Breakthrough! The XP Deus is a real innovation in metal detector design. Its patent...

“I have been a keen amateur archaeologist for many years and Hidden History is where I now showcase my finds.”

- DS